Serving You is Our Greatest Privilege

Portland Badge Co. was founded by  Michael Carlson and Paula Middaugh with the goal of serving customers in a way that enables them to achieve success.  When they  launched Portland Badge, they didn’t just want to help customers to be seen, they wanted to make being seen an art form.

At the core of Portland Badge are the values of honesty, integrity, respect, servant-hood and a strong Christian faith. Our goal is to do the best job we possibly can by providing the most appropriate products available to serve your needs, rather than those that simply add to our revenue – we respect your budget.

When you work with us, we’ll listen to you and follow through because we believe that’s the only way we’ll earn your trust and friendship. Our objective is to go well beyond simply manufacturing name badges, signs and banners for you.

We want the privilege of serving you and the opportunity to help you grow your visibility and business.


10504806_797872250289101_353104201387703175_oMichael Carlson, Chief Executive Officer

Michael Carlson is a man of strong Christian faith and has a dedication to serving others. Those traits lay at the root of his motivation to launch the company. That and a passion for helping customers to be seen and watching their businesses and organizations thrive.

A veteran of the badge and sign industry, there’s not a lot that Michael hasn’t seen or been able to figure out when it comes to displaying a company’s brand in the best possible way. One thing that his deep experience has provided for him is a vast network of contacts in the industry.

As a result, he’s always able to help customers get what they need while remaining flexible and always looking out for the best solution – even if it means working outside of Portland Badge. The customer’s success is his goal, and he just gets the job done – no egos involved.

Michael is an avid outdoorsman. He boasts a cup of campfire coffee that rivals even the most upscale coffee shops. You might also find Michael on the links, though admittedly you might need to follow the trail of divots to find him. Michael grew up in Washington and after his military service, landed in Portland where he’s lived for 25 years. He also enjoys spending time with his 6 grown children and 8 grandchildren.


may 15 011Ashley McNab, Production Manager

I was born in Arizona and raised in Nevada. Then my parents got a crazy idea to move to a little town called Gainesville, GA in 2006 – that was a shock, going from city to country. So I lived there until May of 2012 and then moved to Sherwood, OR.

This was the best move for my 3 kids and me. I heard through my stepmom about a great job opportunity where I could grow with the company and I knew I had to get this job!  So, I started with Portland Badge & Sign Co. in 2013.

On the weekends we go and watch my oldest son play basketball while my boyfriend coaches. Sometimes I help out with the team and when he doesn’t have games we are outdoors either finding new parks or new kid-friendly places to play.

Sundays we go to church and after church just come home and enjoy the rest of our day spending time as a family, maybe having a movie day or barbecuing. Every morning, I have to start my day off with a cup of coffee – that is one thing I can’t give up!


Portland-Badge-Barret-AndersonBarrett Andersen, Shop Assistant

My name is Barrett Andersen, and I was lucky enough to be born on July 4th, 1985. I have grown up here in Tigard for my entire life, I love the weather and the beautiful sights Oregon has to offer. I graduated from Tigard High and spent four years taking classes at PCC before looking for a job. I got started at PBSC thanks to Dirkse Counseling and Consulting. I have spent several years trying to find a job that suits my needs, and Portland Badge & Sign Co. hit the spot. I work as an assistant to everyone else and take care of jobs my co-workers need done. There’s never a dull moment in the workplace.

In my spare time, I am an avid video gamer. I also enjoy traveling with my family and friends, collecting and building various models and crafts (LEGOs, perler beads, etc), and reading books of all kinds. If there is one thing I can’t do without while working, it’s music. Listening to Slacker Radio or Pandora while putting together badges helps keep me focused and motivated. Say hi to me when you visit PBSC!


Portland-Badge-Josh-EckhardtJosh Eckhardt, Production & Installations

I have just recently moved to the Portland area. I spent several months working with an individual to learn car wraps and other vinyl installs for sign companies. That’s how I met Michael and was introduced to Portland Badge. If I’m not working you can find me going on hikes or playing pickup soccer games around Portland. I’ve been doing vinyl installs for 6 months but I’ve been doing the production side for 3 months. I was born in Ohio but throughout my childhood, my family moved around. I’ve lived in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Minnesota. It would be impossible for me to give up soccer. I’ve played it all my life and it is a strong passion of mine.